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Detect Drug Influence Before an Accident and Strengthen Reasonable Suspicion TestingLearn From Experienced Narcotics Detectives and Drug Recognition Experts

CSi-Comprehensive Substance Identification

Alcohol and drug use among employees and their family members can be an expensive problem for business and industry, Graves and Associates is proud to introduce the next level of drug recognition.

Comprehensive Substance Identification (CSi) is a training program designed to assist in identifying key indicators of recent drug and alcohol use and to keep pace with emerging trends in the ever-changing drug market. It also offers advice on how to go about approaching someone after suspicions they are “under the influence.”

The CSi in-depth hands on 8-hour course is based on a scientifically recognized Drug Abuse Recognition (DAR) program taught to law enforcement agencies. Our instructors have been conducting drug influence evaluations for decades and teach both the DAR course and the Drug Recognition Expert course. We also have decades of experience as seasoned narcotics detectives.

The 7-step DAR diagnostic process lies at the core of the CSi program’s effectiveness. CSi will teach and certify you in specialized eye, balance and coordination testing – vital skills to identify indicators of drug influence.

As part of the program, Graves and Associates also guides employers through its new CSi mobile app. Available for Apple and Android users, the new app provides employers with an easy to use tool that offers ongoing advice and information to help recognize the signs of drug use.


Street Development

This 8 hour seminar introduces students to the world of the drug abuser. Instructors will go in depth into the culture of the drug abuser, drug sales and drug manufacturing. This is a hands on class. Instructors will assist the student with every aspect of preparing drugs for ingestion into the body as well as reviewing how some drugs are made.

Compliance Assistance With the 1988 Drug Free Workplace Act

The 1988 Drug Free Workplace Act requires some Federal Contractors and all Federal grantees to agree that they will provide drug-free workplaces as a precondition of receiving a contract or grant from a Federal agency. As outlined in the Act, companies must do the following: 1) Publish a policy statement that they are a drug free workplace 2) Establish a drug free awareness program 3) Notify the contracting or granting agency within 10 days after receiving notice that a covered employee has been convicted of a criminal drug violation in the workplace 4) Impose a penalty on—or require satisfactory participation in a drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program by—any employee who is convicted of a reportable workplace drug conviction 5) Make an ongoing, good faith effort to maintain a drug-free workplace by meeting the requirements of the Act.

Graves & Associates will work with you to ensure that you are in compliance with the Act and that you do not risk losing your federal funding. We will review your practices in maintaining a drug free workplace and help you through policy, training and drug testing to achieve your goals. By implementing a drug free workplace, you will also increase productivity, decrease liability and enhance revenue by keeping drug abusing employees out of the workplace.