Drug Free Schools

We Help Create Drug Free Schools

We have decades of experiencing inc creating drug free schools. We do this by training staff in the latest drug trends and by using a systematic process that teachers and campus safety identify drug using students. We have helped other schools lower their drug use rates and we can do the same for you.

drug free schools

Drug Influence Training for Educators

We have an 8 hour training program specifically for educators. In the 8 hour program, you will learn about the latest drugs that kids use. Then we give you the same tools that cops use to determine if a kid has been using drugs or is under the influence of drugs right now.

Street Development

This 8 hour seminar introduces school staff to the world of the drug using student. Instructors will go in depth into the culture of the drug abuser, drug sales and drug manufacturing. This is a hands on class. Instructors will assist the student with every aspect of preparing drugs for ingestion into the body as well as reviewing how some drugs are made.