Drug Abuse Recognition DAR

Drug Abuse Recognition DAR
We offer Drug Abuse Recognition, or DAR, in several different formats. Our DAR instructors are the nation's leading instructors in DAR. Not only do we have decades of experience in identifying people who are high on drugs, but we also have conducted thousands of drug evaluations.

We will conduct a DAR course based on the needs of your agency, school or business. We will train you in how to detect drug influence in each setting. Whether you are a police officer, a supervisor trying to keep drugs out of your business, or a school official trying to keep drugs out of your school, we have a training program for you.

Law Enforcement

We offer the Drug Abuse Recognition course in several different formats. This training can be tailored for police departments, correctional facilities, probation departments or any other type of law enforcement agency.

24 Hour Drug Abuse Recognition Course

This is the premier course for drug influence detection. Over 3 days, we will cover not only the most commonly abuse drugs, but we will also talk about how to conduct a drugged driving case. From the 8 drug categories to the 7 step DAR system, you will leave with full knowledge about how to identify a person under the influence of drugs and how to conduct a systematic drug evaluation that will hold up in court.

8 Hour Drug Abuse Recognition Course

The 8 hour DAR course is ideal for probation agencies. Here, we will show you the basics of drug influence identification so that you can see if your client is under the influence right now without having to wait on the outcome of a drug test. Even if you have a rapid drug test, you can determine drug influence, where you are at the mercy of the reliability of a drug test.

4 or 8 Hour Drug Abuse Recognition Course Update

We will give your agency an update course that will refresh everyone’s memory about the 8 drug categories (with an update on the latest drugs) while also refreshing their memory on how to conduct the 7 step process.


There are several reasons why businesses would want to implement a drug abuse recognition program in their workplace. As an example, many businesses must conduct DOT or other type of drug testing. However, that shows past drug use. DAR shows whether the driver is under the influence right now. At the same time, you would have an opportunity to keep the driver from hitting the road before they hurt someone. Or, it could be keeping a drug influenced employee away from the factory floor. Either way, we can design a program specifically for your business and the liability that can be incurred from an employee who is high.


Drug use among teens are changing rapidly. Instead of alcohol and marijuana, it is pharmaceuticals, spice, bath salts, heroin and other designer drugs. It can be overwhelming for school staff to keep up with the trends. We teach an 8 hour course specifically for educators and school officials in how to detect drug influence in children. This will decrease drug problems in your school and could reduce the drug footprint in the surrounding community.

The Complete Guide to Drug Abuse Recognition

Everything you need to know about what you will learn in the DAR program

Download the complete guide to drug abuse recognition now. From the development of DAR, to the ins and outs of what you will learn, this is the perfect guide to DAR.