Expert Witness Services

Keith Graves has been a police officer since 1990 and has spent a majority of his career working drug enforcement. Keith has solid courtroom experience that has resulted in favorable verdicts for those he represents.

Keith has taught thousands of police officers by teaching for the California Narcotics Officers Association, the Drug Recognition Expert program, regional training centers, HIDTA and through his own business, Graves & Associates LLC. These topics have included Drug Abuse Recognition, Current Drug Trends, Drug Lab Investigations, Undercover Operations, Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault, Basic and Advanced Sniper Tactics, Basic SWAT School, and use of force.

Keith has testified in civil and criminal courts as well as administrative hearings. Here are some of the topics that Keith can provide expert witness services for:

Drug Influence
DUI Drugs
Drug Recognition Expert Cases
Undercover Operations
Narcotic Unit Operations
Buy/Bust Operations
Informant Management
Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault
Marijuana Grow Operations
Butane Hash Oil Lab Operations
Drug Sales
Police Supervision
SWAT Team Tactics
Sniper Team Tactics
Police Procedures

With real world experience as a Drug Recognition Expert Instructor, Narcotics Detective, Narcotics and Gang Unit Supervisor, and as a SWAT Team Leader, Keith has the experience and knowledge to testify.

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