What is this New Drug Tesla that Kids are Using?

I got a call from a reporter asking for a comment about a new drug kids are reportedly using called Tesla. The only problem is that there really is no drug Tesla. There is, however, MDMA pills (often called ecstasy on the street) that are circulating around the globe with the Tesla Motors corporate logo on it.

There’s a Lot of Punch to the Drug Tesla

The Loop, a UK based organization that tests drugs, tweeted that pills marked with the Tesla logo contain between 130-200 mg of MDMA. So how much MDMA is that? It’s a lot and can a lot of harm to people. A common dose for an average user is 75-125 mg and a large dose for someone is considered 110-150 mg. But, a very large does is anything over 200 mg. So, with these Tesla MDMA pills, the user is starting with a dose that is considered very strong.

There are Overdoses & Opiates With the Drug Tesla

There have been several reported overdoses with MDMA containing the Tesla logo. It’s common for users to take more than one pill at a time, so you can see how some of those OD’s might have taken place. There are also reports that some of the Tesla pills have tested positive for opiates (think drugs like heroin). No doubt that there are some unscrupulous manufacturers out there that are putting the Tesla logo on their product because of the hype (it will demand a higher price and move more product based on the hype).

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Drug Manufacturing

Keep in mind that these types of pills are made by people using equipment not made to produce pharmaceutical grade medications. Most of the manufacturing takes place in warehouses or private homes using chemicals obtained under suspicous circumstances and mixed using inadequate measuring devices (“a little bit of this and a little bit of that”).


Author: Keith Graves
Keith is a retired Police Sergeant and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for 29 years. Keith was named as California’s Narcotics Officer of the Year and is a prior winner of MADD’s California Hero Award. He has years of experience as a Narcotics Detective and a Narcotics Unit Supervisor and is a Drug Recognition Expert Instructor (IACP #3292). Keith teaches both the DRE course and the Drug Abuse Recognition Course and has taught at the Police Academy. He has developed several drug courses for the California Narcotics Officers Association, California POST and California Colleges and currently consults POST on drug investigation procedures. Keith has held other assignments besides narcotics including Training Sergeant, Patrol Sergeant, COPPS Officer, Traffic Officer, and 20 years as a SWAT Team member and Sniper Team Leader. Keith has taught thousands of officers and businesses around the world about drug use, drug trends, compliance training and drug investigations. He is recognized as an international drug expert and has testified as an expert in court proceedings on drug cases, homicide cases and rape prosecutions. Keith earned a BA in Business Management from Saint Mary's College of California and a MA in Criminal Justice. Keith is the Founder and President of Graves & Associates, a company dedicated to providing drug training to law enforcement and private industry.

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