Marijuana Grow Investigations

indoor marijuana grow
With decades of experience working drug cases in Northern California, marijuana cases were a significant part of our investigations. These investigations included indoor grows, outdoor grows, THC extraction, conspiracies, and medical marijuana dispensary investigations.

Drawing on expertise from experienced Northern California Narcs, we offer an array of marijuana and marijuana grow investigations. We offer the latest information in marijuana trends as well as safety procedures from the ever growing health threats that these investigations incur.

Indoor Marijuana Grows

From personal safety to common trends in marijuana grows, we will cover it all. In this course, you will learn:
  • The current health risks that occur from indoor grows. This includes threats from fungus to hazards from electrical hazards and booby traps.
  • Personal protective equipment needed while investigating indoor grows.
  • Marijuana horticulture
  • How mold affects health safety and marijuana growth.
  • Chemical hazards at indoor grows.
  • Basics of electricity as it relates to marijuana grows.
  • How electricity is bypassed at indoor grows.
  • Roles of the investigative team.

THC Extraction Methods

In the THC Extraction Methods course, you will learn all methods of making hashish and hash oil
  • Basics of the marijuana plant
  • Hash basics and hash history
  • Types of extraction including
    • kief
    • bubble hash
    • solvent reduced hash
    • butane hash oil
    • dry ice method
    • CO2 extraction
    • hexane extraction
  • THC and thc content and how it affects a user’s high
  • Responding to THC extraction emergencies including fires and explosions
  • Investigating THC extraction emergencies including investigating homicides
  • Butane behavior and how fires start and explosions happen

Marijuana Update

Marijuana Update

Our marijuana update is a comprehensive review of all of the trends involving marijuana, including concentrated cannabis and edibles. In the course, we will cover:

  • A comprehensive overview of marijuana
  • BHO lab update
  • THC extraction trends
  • Marijuana influence cases, including DUID
  • Trends in marijuana ingestion
  • Medical marijuana update
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