Law Enforcement Fentanyl Safety Training

Fentanyl Safety Training for Law Enforcement

To date, we have trained officers from 30 different states within the U.S. We have also been training hundreds of officers online through our online training portal. We offer our fentanyl safety training for law enforcement in various formats to meet your needs. So far, we have had several agencies call to report back that our training has saved officers from fentanyl exposure. Our lead instructor, Keith Graves, is California’s Narcotics Officer of the Year and has written extensively on fentanyl issues. Take a look at our training formats and pick the one that meets your needs.

4 Hour Fentanyl Safety Course

Our four hour format is perfect to get numerous officers through the course and give them the training they need to stay safe. We will cover fentanyl history, conducting risk assessments to avoid being exposed and how to protect yourself in various types of investigations: possession cases, street sales and bulk sales/lab cases. Officers will have the knowledge and safety procedures to protect themselves on the street.

8 Hour Fentanyl and Opiate Investigations Course

This is an 8 hour comprehensive course. We will cover all aspects of opiate investigations with a large chunk of the course dedicated to fentanyl safety and investigations. From heroin manufacturing locally to pharmaceutical opiates and user profiles, we will cover every aspect of the opiate crisis.


We have taught fentanyl safety at conferences from California to Maryland and everywhere in between. Tell us who the audience is and the length that you want the training block for and we will custom make a training block for you. We have taught at conferences for Drug Recognition Experts, field cops, probation, narcotics officers, prosecutors and health care professionals. We can make a huge impact at your conference.

We have trained hundreds of officers from agencies across the U.S. in fentanyl safety. Our training is one hour long and is perfect for officers on the go that need the down and dirty of how to protect themselves. Officers can log in at their convenience and are issued a certificate at the end of the training. To get this training online, click here. We give discounts for large numbers of officers. Contact us here to get a quote.