Fentanyl Safety for Law Enforcement

  • December 11, 2017
  • 8:00 AM
  • Lansing, MI

Course Details

Fentanyl has been ravaging our country and killing thousands of people across the country. First responders have also been exposed to fentanyl causing dangerous health conditions for them. In this course, I’ll talk about all aspects of fentanyl, from its history, legal issues, safety protocols for officers, investigators and undercover personnel, and we will break it down as to what protective posture you should use for possession cases, sales and lab incidents. There will also be discussion about assessing risk at calls to determine fentanyl threats and how to mitigate potential risk.

This course is sponsored by the Michigan State Police. There will be two 4 hour sessions: 0800-1200 and 1300-1700. Registration will be handled through the MSP.