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Understand Dosage Units for Fentanyl, Analogs and Synthetic Opioids

Often times, people working with drug abusers may need to know specific dosage units for drugs. I put up a complete list of dosage units for other drugs that can be downloaded here. Fentanyl has been spreading across the US at a rapid pace. Recently, Mexican DTO's have jumped into the fray by shifting from opium production to making synthetic opioids. As more people use fentanyl and synthetic opioids, criminal justice practioners and those working in the drug testing industry need to know dosage units for specific analogs.

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Do you need to know more about fentanyl and how to be safe around this deadly drug? You can get training right now with our online safety training. It is the perfect class for law enforcement, criminal justice practitioners, EMS and fire personnel. Get the knowledge you need to keep yourself safe. In the course you will learn

  • What personal protective equipment (PPE) you should have for possession of drug cases, street sales, and lab/bulk sales case
  • The signs and symptoms of fentanyl exposure
  • The routes of exposure that lead to overdoses for first responders
  • How to protect yourself from exposure when you buy drugs undercover
  • The steps you can take to decontaminate yourself if you are accidentally exposed
  • How to do a risk assessment for “man down” calls so you can avoid contamination
  • The history, dosage units and types of fentanyl that are on the street today

This course is essential to anyone who has the possibility of coming across this deadly drug in their daily activities. That pretty much means every officer, firefighter and paramedic in the United States and Canada. You’ll leave this course knowing exactly how to protect yourself and what steps to take if you become exposed.



Author: Keith Graves
Keith is the 2016 Narcotics Officer of the Year for the State of California and a prior winner of the MADD California Hero Award. Keith has been a Police Officer in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1990 and has years of experience as a Narcotics Detective and a Narcotics Unit Supervisor. Keith is a Drug Recognition Expert Instructor (IACP #3292) and teaches both the DRE course and the Drug Abuse Recognition Course. Keith has also taught at the Police Academy and has developed several drug courses for the California Narcotics Officers Association, California POST and California Colleges. Keith has held other assignments besides narcotics including Training Sergeant, Patrol Sergeant, COPPS Officer, Traffic Officer, and 20 years as a SWAT Team member and SWAT Team Leader. Keith has taught thousands of officers and businesses around the world about drug use, drug trends, compliance training and drug investigations. Keith earned a BA in Business Management from Saint Mary's College of California and a MA in Criminal Justice. Keith is the Founder and President of Graves & Associates, a company dedicated to providing drug training to law enforcement and private industry.

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